Louth Meath Hubs

Coworking and Collaboration Spaces

Welcome to Louth Meath Hubs a collaboration between enterprise and Incubation Centres in both counties.

Louthmeathhubs.ie will provide information on the remote working, co-working, hot-desking and own office opportunities and other supports available in the centres.

So whether you are an entrepreneur setting out on your start-up adventure or a corporate employee looking for a remote working desk, you will find a suitable option in one of our conveniently located fully managed 24/7/365 facilities.

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What do you need?

  • Are you a home or remote worker looking for space?

  • Are you an SME looking to expand?

  • Are you a Startup looking for low cost office space?

  • Are you a mobile worker looking for a meeting or training room?

We Can Provide

  • Co-working and collaborative spaces

  • Bookable Hotdesks

  • Virtual and Own Office Spaces

  • Meeting and Training Rooms

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